Mckinley has had a private studio in Boston for the past five years as well as teaching at Boston’s Musiconnect. She has been teaching at Maine Fiddle Camp for four years as well as teaching at New England’s premier fiddle festival Fiddle Hell. She teaches a mixture of both classical and fiddle music to help foster musical growth and enthusias

Classes Online

Study with McKinley James online with a class or privately with a series of courses in cello, fiddling, and general musical education

Online classes

Cello Lessons

Online Lessons

Take lessons online for any level.

Lessons on technique, classical music, and fiddle tunes.

Intermediate Folk Cello Workshop

Online Workshop

Workshop for cellists learning folk music

Study how to play fiddle music in the Celtic and New England styles.

Workshop will focus on learning by ear, accompanying tunes, playing for dances, and learning tunes.

Every Thursday 7pm

Folkways Workshop

Online Workshop

Workshop for classical musicians

Learn how to play fiddle music from the perspective of two fiddle and classical musicians. This is a collaboration with the fiddler Lily Honigberg

This course will give a comprehensive introduction to playing fiddle music for both violinists and cellists. It will be a jumping board for anyone wanting to be a fiddler.

Every Sunday 7pm

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